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Trade review for September. Profit - $ 585.

Trade review for September. Profit – $ 585.

In September, I opened 14 trades, of which 12 were closed with a profit. The end result could have been much better if it hadn’t been for two unsuccessful trades with fairly large losses. But this is a market, and this happens in trade.

Trading smartly

In September, global markets continued to monitor trade negotiations between the United States and China. And on the basis of this, the mood changed. China agreed to purchase agricultural products from the USA in a volume that is several times higher than purchases that have been made in recent years. Washington has stepped up pressure on Beijing. There is information about the possible delisting of Chinese companies from American exchanges. That being said, Donald Trump’s words have encouraged the markets. He said the deal with China could be closed much earlier than many expect. Brexit preparations continued in the UK. The country has experienced a high level of political instability amid concerns about the implementation of a tough Brexit option. The oil market fell in September after attacks on the oil infrastructure of Saudi Arabia.

And now I’ll tell you about how I managed to earn $ 585.

Best Deal of the Month

Best Deal of the Month

Perhaps this is a purchase on the EURJPY pair on September 11. The Japanese yen has been depreciating for several trading days. This was facilitated by the growth in demand for risky assets against the backdrop of positive statistics in China. In addition, investors expected decisions from the central banks of developed countries regarding measures to support the economy. Based on fundamental and technical analysis, I discovered this trade position. The profit was $ 188.

Around the same time, I made $ 163 buying gold, which, like the yen, is a risk-free asset. In total, from transactions with gold, my income was $ 602.

Trading in pairs with the yen brought me not only a good profit, but also a significant loss. The BUY trading order for the New Zealand dollar against the yen was opened on September 16 on the correction after a strong upward movement. However, as further events on the market showed, this was not a price rollback, but a change in the trend direction. The order was closed with a loss of $ 798.